Tutorial: Lowering

This tutorial works with Adobe Photoshop - please note that some of the menu structures may vary from version to version.

Introduction: A chop isn't complete if it hasn't been lowered! Follow these basic steps and get the low-down.. boom boom.

Difficulty: 3/5 - Requires some experience of a few basic tools

Last Update: 19th May 2007
Difficulty - ***
Look at this poor C2 on stilts!  
Grab the faithful Lasso tool (L) and begin to draw around the car like the pic on the left, as well as going all the way around the top of the picture.

When you are going around the wheel arches with the lasso tool, it is best to make a series of nice small clicks to a smoother selection (green lines) rather than a few lazy big long selections like on the red lines..  

OK, hit Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V to copy and past the car layer.. This puts the main body of the car onto a new layer. Hold CTRL and press the downwards arrow. The car will begin to lower itself over the wheels.

There we go! Its all nice and low now (just ready for some alloys I think you'll agree).

You can at this point hit CTRL+Shift+E which flatten all the layers.


Almost there now kiddies, as you can see the top of the image has being duplicated due to the fact that we have lowered it, so use the crop tool and select the area you want to keep.. just like so.  

Hit enter, and you're done, now all it needs is a kit and wheels :-/